Do you want to know which is the best paper for lettering? Or the best paper for watercolor painting? Or which is the best paper for oil or acrylic painting?

I've tested a selection of Hahnemühle papers and I'll tell you what I found and which ones I recommend for what. 


Hahnemühle Hand Lettering Paper

Super smooth satin paper. The brush pen glides on very smoothly, so it's ideal for taking care of the ends and it's also very tasteful. The pen erases well, so you can sketch directly on the paper (with a little care). It does not smudge and the colors remain intense. Ideal for brush calligraphy (also with Karin markers, which do not bleed on this paper). It has a thickness of 170 grams, with which it holds the marker perfectly, even insisting a little to blending (always without water), but also allows to use a guideline underneath or trace a sketch without too much problem. Very white color. 

Hand lettering paper Hahnemühle

Bristol paper Hahnemühle

Paper also satin and very smooth. It is similar to lettering paper, the brush pen glides smoothly, the pencil erases well, the ink does not run and the colors remain intense. The main difference is that it has a thickness of 250 grams, which makes it ideal for final pieces of calligraphy with brush pen. Also to use pencils, nibs and all types of markers (can also be used with airbrush). You can use it with Karin markers if you are not going to insist a lot but there are others that I like better with them. 

Hahnemühle bristol paper


Hahnemühle "Nostalgie" Sketch Paper

Although not satin, this paper is also very smooth. It is especially suitable for pencils and sketches, although I really liked it for lettering with brush pen. It allows super smooth blends, the colors are very intense and being so soft does not damage the tips of the brush pens. It has enough thickness, 190 grams, enough to hold the ink even if you insist enough.

The Karin doesn't bleed too much, but I'll tell you about other options I've liked better for Karin or for using water.

You can find it at sheet paper or at notebook format, so it is a very good choice for a creative notebook (or sketchbook).
The paper tone is natural white (off-white) and acid-free. 

Hahnemühle Nostalgie Paper


Federzeichenblock pen and ink paper Hahnemühle

Like the previous paper, it is very smooth without being glossy. So it is also suitable for protecting the tips of brush pens. It allows blendigns and color dragging. It also resists the use of water thanks to its 250 grams, which also makes it suitable for final pieces. As they say in the description is designed to achieve shades of color and fine lines and shading. 

In addition, it allows you to use Karin markers without bleeds (it is suitable for pencils, brushes, ink and pens). The white has a little more tone, it is a natural white and acid free. 

Papel Federzeichenblock Hahnemühle

Hahnemühle Harmony Watercolor Paper satin grain

Also a good choice for lettering if you are going to do blending or gradients with water.
It is a smooth and very resistant paper with which you can achieve smooth transitions and that allows reworking and correction. Acid-free and resistant to light and aging, very suitable for final pieces with its 300 grams. 

Of course, very good option to use with watercolor and get delicate strokes, especially for illustration or small motifs where we do not want the grain of the paper to affect the drawing. 

Harmony satin grain watercolor paper Hahnemühle

Hahnemühle Watercolour Paper 300 satin grain

Although slightly less soft than the previous one it is still soft enough to use with brush pens. It is 100% selected cotton, which ensures a very high quality. Super strong and durable (great for heavy paper work or masking fluid). A great choice for final pieces as it is acid free, resistant to aging and has a grammage of 300gr.


Hahnemühle Harmony Watercolor paper fine or coarse grain

These papers are more suitable for watercolor painting than for lettering, although you can use them with brush pens if you want to achieve more irregular or weathered effects, especially with peel and stick or brush and watercolor. 

They are resistant papers, natural white and 300gr. According to the information they give, they maintain the brightness and intensity of the colors and are acid-free, resistant to light and aging. 

Expression Watercolor Hahnemühle Fine Grain Paper

Also for watercolor painting or for slightly irregular or worn effects in lettering or calligraphy with brush pens.
They are 100% cotton, which means high quality paper. They are resistant, natural white, 300 gr. and the brightness and intensity of the colors are perfectly maintained. Acid free, resistant to light and aging. 

Watercolour 300 Hahnemühle fine or coarse grain paper

Cylindrical mold watercolor paper (traditional manufacture) and 100% cotton. Very high quality and resistance, ideal for all watercolor techniques, especially "wet on wet". Can also be used with gouache or acrylic and dry techniques. 

300 grams, acid-free, lightfast and highly resistant to aging. 

Because it is made in the traditional way, in addition to normal pads you can find the sheets with beards (the uneven edges of traditional paper).  

Watercolor Book Hahnemühle

Fine-grain, 200-gram watercolor books. 

These are the first ones I tried from this brand, the small are ideal as a travel book (even the medium as well or the large one if you carry it in your suitcase). 

I'm a big fan of artistic notebooks because it's a joy to have it all together and turn the pages. I also find the binding very nice as well as practical. They have 30 sheets (60 pages), ideal for a daily drawing challenge although I always take much longer to paint them. You can find them in portrait or landscape, depending on what you want to paint. Although they are for watercolor you can also use it with markers and fine point because the grain is fine. And I'm using one with gouache and acrylic and it also goes great. 

Watercolour Book Hahnemühle


Hahnemühle The Grey Book and The Cappuccino Book

Smooth, smooth paper in gray color or light brown. The two shades are lovely to combine with black and white (I'm using my gray notebook this way) or to use everything as a base and make other colors stand out. It is especially suitable for fine point markers, pen, acrylic markers or pencils.

They are books of 40 sheets of 120 grams with sewn binding. Very comfortable because they open completely. 

Also acid-free and age-resistant.

Hahnemühle Sketch book The Grey Book

Toned Watercolour Paper Hahnemühle

200 gram, fine-grain paper in shades gray and beige. It is a classic watercolor paper but colored. By having a background tone you no longer have to be afraid of the blank sheet 😜

span style="font-weight: 400;">Jokes aside, the undertone allows you to focus on what we are painting and gives a different look to what you paint. Una buena opción creativa para probar.

Estos también son libres de ácido y resistentes al envejecimiento.  


Acryl 330 acrylic paper Hahnemühle

White linen-textured, frame-type paper. It has a subtle sheen that remains after painting and allows the application of pasty paints and different effects. Very resistant, it remains smooth without any preparation. 330 grams, also acid free and is resistant to aging.

Acryl 360 Hahnemühle acrylic carton

Very thick paper (360 grams) for use with acrylic paint. In addition to absorbing paint it allows the application of pasty layers. 100% cellulose, without optical brighteners or acids. Resistant to aging. It is also suitable for varnishes and being so thick and resistant you can experiment a lot with it.

Oil and Acrylic Paper Öl/Acryl 230 Hahnemühle

As the name suggests, this 230 gram paper can be used for oil or acrylic painting. So if you want to try or start painting with oil paints but are intimidated by the stretcher bars, this is a great option. I started using this type of paper a lot of years ago when I was studying illustration and they are very comfortable. 

The paper is natural white and is made with 100% cellulose. It has a special barrier to be able to use these techniques, with the natural structure that a canvas would have (occupying much less). Of course, acid-free and resistant to aging.

The paper is natural white in color and is made of 100% cellulose.


Hahnemühle natural paper line

Hahnemühle also has a line of expressly sustainable and environmentally friendly papers. And I personally find it super interesting and necessary. Sustainable and fast-growing raw materials such as bamboo, agave and hemp are used to manufacture these papers. They are vegan, age-resistant and acid-free papers and are as follows:

Bamboo Mixed Media

Besides being an environmentally friendly paper, it can be used with a multitude of drawing and painting techniques: pencils, watercolor, gouache, acrylic, pastels... The paper on the right side is grain-free but not very smooth, so be careful with delicate brush pens. However, on the back it is less rough and I tried it with the Karin Markers, which have very resistant tips and I liked it very much even on the right side. The colors stay intense, they don't bleed at all and you get smooth blends very easily. The paper is 265 grams so it is a very good choice for final pieces. And more considering that it is a more environmentally friendly alternative.

Bamboo Mixed Media Hahnemühle

Bamboo Sketch Hahnemühle

Paper quite thin, 105 grams, very nice for sketching or colored pencils because it is slightly rough. 

Hemp Sketch Hahnemühle

Similar to the bamboo one, but in this case made with 60% hemp and 40% cotton. It is thinner than the previous one, 80 grams and also slightly rough to the touch. Also for use with dry techniques. 

Agave Watercolour Hahnemühle

Very soft grain, 290 grams, a very nice white shade (for my taste, clear 😜).

The colors stay bright and the paper is sturdy and allows for corrections. 

It is also a good paper for gouache or acrylic. It is age resistant, acid free and vegan, a great alternative for a more conscious use of natural resources, don't you think. 

And after trying all these papers, which ones are my favorites?

It is obviously very difficult to compare papers that are so different and that are to employ different techniques.
The one that surprised me the most is the paper "Nostalgie paper"; I loved it for its softness and how well the blending works. And the fact that it's also in notebook format is a big plus.

I also really liked the natural line; I think it is very important to go for the most sustainable supplies possible and if they are of this quality they are to be taken very, very much into account. In particular the Bamboo Mixed Media seemed to me a great all-rounder.

The toned papers, both drawing and watercolor I have found super interesting and creative. 

And for use with the Karin Brushmarker Pro, which give problems with some papers, I recommend the Bamboo Mixed Media, especially for use with water, pen and ink paper (Federzeichenblock) and for calligraphy with brush pen or use with spot color the hand lettering paper

By the way, this article is not sponsored. This is my real opinion about the papers that, yes, they sent me for free from Hahnemühle so I could use and test them 😊

Some links are affiliate links, which means that if you are going to buy online and you do it through them I get a small commission at no cost to you. Although if you have a fine art store nearby, so much the better! 

Thank you very much for reading this far!

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