Regalos para artistas y amantes lettering

Gifts for artists and lettering lovers

The holidays are coming and sometimes we don't know what to give (or what to ask for as a gift!).

Here are some ideas and recommendations if you want to give creativity as a gift. And don't hesitate to combine things from different categories to create a fantastic kit.

Lettering and calligraphy pens

Stabilo Pen 68 Brush ens


Medium point, easy to control and durable lettering markers.
Watercolour and super pigmented. The
20 colours makes a great gift.

Karin Brushmarker Pro Brush Pens

Karin markers brush pens

They are a great gift.Super juicy lettering pens with a flexible and resistant tip. The colours are very intense and because they have so much ink they blend almost by themselves.
Depending on your budget you can choose the Mini Box, with 26 colours and a blender, the Mega Box, with 60 colours and 3 blenders or the Mega Box plus, which also includes 12 neons.

Arteza TwiMarkers

Arteza Twimarkers
If you want lots of colours at a more affordable price, this pack with 100 colours is your solution. It's a great option to give as a gift to children (but also to adults). They have a double tip: fine tip and medium brush, which although they are not the most resistant, they are very playful.

Lettering notebooks (and bujo)

There are endless notebooks and papers you can use for lettering and painting. These are some of my favourites, perfect to complement any brush pens set:

Rhodia lettering notebook

Rhodia dotted paper is a classic for lettering beginners. It is smooth and strong and the dots are a great guide without being as visually distracting as squares or stripes. In its notebook version it makes a great gift option. 

Hahnemühle “Nostalgie” notebook


Un beautiful notebook for drawing and sketching but also to keep all your letterings in one place. It's a soft and strong paper and works great with markers except for Karin Markers (their ink can bleed a bit on them).

Archer and Olive Notebooks

Archer & Olive

There are many bullet journal notebooks but these are my favourites. They are beautiful, the paper is of very good quality, the pages open completely and to top it all off they come in a super nice box. They are not the cheapest but they are great for gifts because of their quality and luxurious look. And if you combine them with some acrylograph, special acrylic markers for paper, you have an amazing gift. 

By the way, with the code MISSMEISSA you get a 10% discount (and you also help me to keep creating content).. 

Hahnemühle Watercolor books

Hahnemuhlle watercolor book

Fine grain watercolor notebooks that are a perfect complement to any watercolor or gouache pack. With a very nice black binding, they are also very practical for traveling, especially in their format small or medium.


Gifts to add color and shine

Metallic lettering markers Karin Décobrush

Karin decobrush

Metallic lettering markers in
10 colors. They are as pleasant as the regular ones and are packed in a nice metal gift box. 

Acrylic lettering markers Karin Pigment decobrush

Karin Pigment

Acrylic markers with brush tip
. They are a pleasure to use. The colors are beautiful, the tips are great, the case is super nice. Opaque colors that allow you to paint on black, kraft or colored paper and on a lot of surfaces (fabric, plastic, glass ...) And on white paper are also beautiful. 

Japanese watercolors Kuretake Gansai Tambi

Kuretake Gansai Tambi
I have them in two of their formats
(bought with my money) because they are so pretty! They have that Japanese paper case that is so simple yet so pretty. Plus the watercolors are very nice. Slightly more opaque than the traditional western ones and in a huge godet super handy for painting. 

Coliro Colors metallic watercolors

Coliro gold

These watercolors are pure brilliance. The finishes are beautiful both in lettering and for backgrounds or illustrations. Even dirty watercolor water looks beautiful. 

There are many packs, but two of my favorites are the gold and silver pack and the Rainbow pack.

Gouache set of 60 colors Arteza

Arteza Gouache

A huge palette of colors with a very good quality/price ratio. They are a great option to start trying gouache without worrying about mixing colors. 

Super gifts

If the budget allows, these gifts would make anyone (or at least any lettering lover) happy. 

Cricut Explore Air

Cricut air

Cricut is a brand of domestic cutting plotters, machines with which you can cut your designs automatically on a lot of surfaces. I've had my eye on these machines for a long time (let's see if this Christmas is the one).

This model can cut up to 100 supplies, mark folds and also draw. With it you can make cards, cut vinyl to customize T-shirts, bags, windows, walls and an infinite number of other things. It is a spectacular gift. 

Cricut Maker

Cricut maker

Y qué decir de la Cricut maker. Like the previous one but top of the range, a little more professional. It cuts up to 300 surfaces, has more power and is faster. Let's see if Santa Claus reads this 😜 

Ipad Pro 


I also had my eye on the Ipad for a long time until I finally bought it last year. I have the Ipad pro de 11
 pulgadas and I am delighted. It has many utilities but I'm going to focus on the creative ones I use the most. Along with the Procreate app, it's fantastic for lettering and digital illustration and it combines great with the Cricut to make your customizations. But it is also ideal for sketching and for travel. Of course, you also need the Apple pencil to take advantage of all this.

And it is also very useful for editing videos more comfortably than from the phone.

Books, guides and courses

Giving away knowledge is always a good idea, right? Here are some books, guides and courses so you never stop learning:

The ABC of Custom Lettering by Ivan Castro.

In progress by Jessica Hische.

House Industries Lettering Manual by Ken Barber.

My pack of lettering and calligraphy with brush pens guides  (inicial, bounce y florituras y composición). 100 pages of explanations, worksheets and examples to learn at your own pace .

My Creative lettering and flowers journal. 46 pages of examples and tutorials for lettering styles, titles, flowers, wreaths and banners.

Skillshare SubscriptionA platform with a lot of courses on lettering, watercolor and many more creative things that you can see as long as you keep the subscription. With my link you have 1 month to try it for free and see if you like it. 

My online lettering course pack Beautiful Lettering Campus (in Spanish), with 11 hours of videos, worksheets and resolution of doubts and corrections.

My online gouache initiation course (in Spanish).To make you lose your fear of the brush by painting lots of flowers. 

These are some ideas that I hope you find useful. If you come up with more, write me in comments so we can see them.

Thanks for reading me!

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