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  • Gifts for artists and lettering lovers

    The holidays are coming and sometimes we don't know what to give (or what to ask for as a gift!). Here are some ideas and recommendations if you want to give creativity as a gift. And don't hesitate to combine things from different categories to create a fantastic kit. Lettering and calligraphy ... View Post

    One of the questions I get most often is what paper to use for lettering or calligraphy. Can’t I use just any kind of paper? Yes, but the results will not be the same, and depending on which paper you use, you can damage the tips of your markers and the ink will last less. So I recommend you ... View Post
  • Best markers for beginners

    When you start in the world of calligraphy and lettering you have so many markers and materials at your disposal that you don't know which one to choose to start with. If this is your case, I hope this post helps you because I'm going to tell you about my favorite markers to start with. Of cours... View Post