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Printable guide · Bounce lettering & flourishes (in Spanish)

Printable guide · Bounce lettering & flourishes (in Spanish)

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Do you want to make your letters dance and complete your creations with elegant flourishes?

A super handy guide with plenty of worksheets to help you master these two techniques to perfection. 33 pages with exercises and examples so you can practice step by step and at your own pace.

What's on it:

- Basic theory of bounce lettering.
- Dancing letter alphabet.
- Bounce lettering practice sheets.
- Basic theory of flourishes.
- Examples of flourishes to use in your compositions.
- Lowercase alphabet.
- Uppercase alphabet.
- Examples of words and short compositions.

Ready to print or consult directly on your computer or ipad (e-mail with the download link at the end of the purchase, so you always have it available).

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