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Lettering composition printable guide (in English)

Lettering composition printable guide (in English)

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Do you know why there are letterings that make you stop scrolling and stare? I'll tell you the secret: composition.

There is a before and after between drawing a sentence as it is and stopping to compose. And I'll tell you another secret: you can do it too. This guide takes you step by step so that you can make more complex, attractive and balanced compositions whatever your level. 39 pages that will give you tools to draw sentences like a pro. .

What's on it:
- Tips for composing words correctly.
- Style combinations.
- Words in grids or shapes.
- Using hierarchies.
- How to divide sentences.
- Balance.
- Using sketches and grids.
- 3 different examples of step by step compositions.
- Bonus with 20 grids to apply to your own compositions.

You can use it even if you have no previous knowledge, but if you have already practiced lettering or calligraphy it will help you take them to the next level.

Ready to print or consult directly on your computer or ipad (e-mail with the download link at the end of the purchase, so you always have it available).

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