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Bundle lettering and calligraphy guides (in Spanish)

Bundle lettering and calligraphy guides (in Spanish)

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My three printable guides of calligraphy and lettering in a pack offer, so you can learn the art of beautiful letters comfortably at home and at your own pace. 100 pages full of examples and practical exercises and with all the necessary theory.

What's on it:

- - Hand lettering for beginners · Calligraphy with brushpen
This guide is ideal if you want to learn the basics of calligraphy with a brush tip pen. To begin with, I will explain the material you need and how to use it. Then you will learn how to do the basic strokes with practice sheets to get your hand accustomed. Next you will learn how to form letters, with practices that include the whole alphabet in both lower and upper case. And finally, I'll explain how to put them together into words and give you examples to practice with.

- - Bounce lettering and flourishes
In this guide you’ll find out how to make the letters dance and how to complement your creations with all kinds of flourishes. A super practical guide with a lot of worksheets for you to master its application. Includes a lowercase and an uppercase alphabet, words and short compositions.

- - Composition from 0 to 10
This guide takes you step by step through the world of complex, attractive and balanced compositions. You will find out how to form words correctly and which mistakes to avoid, combinations of styles, hierarchies, divisions, balance and use of grids. It also contains 3 examples of compositions from start to finish and a bonus with 20 grids to apply to your compositions.

Ready to print or consult directly on your computer or ipad (e-mail with the download link at the end of the purchase, so you always have it available).

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